Junior Content Strategist Trainee

Synergy XYZ
Application ends: December 31, 2023
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Job Description

1. Expand Content Strategy Services and Solution

a.        Research and analyse marketing and social trends.

b.        Explore and expand the content strategy service and solution based on medium / channel.

c.        Learning types of content and format: content strategy, design (photo), writing (text), video and audio.

d.        Exposed and experience the services scope of content strategy.

e.        Get to know the most effective content services and solutions for all related media channel.

f.         Experiencing in both traditional and digital media contents.

g.        Develop the content type library and elaborate the purpose of the content types.


2. Explore AI Tools / Software

a.        Explore the AI tools / software that are available in the market.

b.        Propose and recommend the appropriate tools / software for different types of content.

c.        Identify and analyze the functionality of the AI tools / software and user interface user experience.


3. Content Project Management

a.        Assist to support content project management.

b.        Involving in preparing pre-audit report and proposal research.

c.        Get the opportunity to contribute project proposal preparation and project pitching for all types of content.

d.        Learning the process flow of production job – video production, audio production, design & photoshop production, writing production.


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